Kadimo Survival Trail
Zondag 27 Januari 2019

Last year, the trail started at the entrance of the park, following the Lagadishi Trail to the north coast to Playa Chikitu, Boka Chikitu, up to the Seru Grandi, Kara Kòrá, Seru Meimei, Ser’i Bentana lighthouse and finished at Malmok at 10am.

The teams had some tasks that they needed to execute along the way which included picking up trash alongside the roads and the coastal areas and finding a treasure chest hidden along the way by park rangers.

The teams were met at the finish at Malmok and were transported back to the entrance of the park where WSNP Manager Albert Crestian thanked everybody for participating and handed out certificates of participation to the teams. STINAPA director Mr. Arjen de Wolff handed over a prize “weekend stay at Slagbaai” to the winning team of the KPCN (police) including a workshop by WSNP Chiefranger George “Kultura” Thode. Ready for this year?

Locatie Washington Slagbaai National Park

Komende evenementen

vrijdag 21 juni 08:00 - 17:00
Koninkrijksdag / Dia di Reino
zondag 23 juni 00:00
Ride for the Roses
zaterdag 27 juli 10:00 - 17:00
Clean-Up Dive
vrijdag 06 september 00:00
Bonairedag / Dia di Boneiru



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