Kaya Grandi Bonaire

The Kaya Grandi is the main street of Bonaire and hence you'll find most shops here.

Kaya Grandi with Harborside Mall


Royal Palm Galeries Mall

There is a small shopping are near Kaya Grandi called Royal Palm Galeries Mall. You can reach this shopping mall from Kaya Grandi and the large parking of Kaya Simon Bolivar. There are a few shops like a lunchroom, clothing store and real estate office. In the past this mall was called Les Galleries Mall.

Les Galeries Mall
A local artist created a very nice picture above the entrance of Royal Palm Galeries Mall with local well-known animals and trees (donkey, lora, trupial, cactus and divi-divi). Les Galeries Mall

Harborside Mall

Harborside Mall is a blue, yellow and red colored shopping mall located between Kaya Grandi and Kaya Craane near Karels Beach Bar.

Harborside Mall

Bonaire District

Just north from Kralendijk near the large roundabout there is a new shopping mall with twelve shops. It was opened at the end of 2008.

Bonaire District
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On Bonaire there are several supermarkets. Since 2011, the Van Den Tweel group opened a new, large supermarket on Bonaire, the Van Den Tweel supermarket. There are a large number of products of Albert Heijn and from the US for sale. Many fresh products such as Dutch cheese are sold here. The supermarket is located near the roundabout of Kaya Industria and Nikiboko south. The supermarket is open 7 days of the week from 8 am - 8 pm. On holidays other opening hours may apply. For more information:

Van Den Tweel supermarkt / Albert Heijn

Another large supermarket is Voordeelmarkt Bonaire (formerly known as Warehouse Bonaire). This supermarket sells many products from Jumbo and the US. The Voordeelmarkt Bonaire is located on Kaya Industria, about 200 meters west of the Van den Tweel supermarket. The supermarket was acquired in May 2013 by the Van den Tweel Group. For more information:

The third supermarket is Top Supermarket in the center of Kralendijk at Kaya LD Gerhart. This property was formerly the Cultimara supermarket.  

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