Landhouse Karpata

Landhuis Karpata is situated along the coast from Kralendijk heading north near Gotomeer. Plantation Karpata, first named Borneo, was later renamed after a plant still common to the area, the castor oil plant.
Landhuis Karpata, built after 1868, was an important commercial center in the past. Besides raising goats for skins and meat, the plantation also produced aloe, charcoal and dyewood.


Lime oven


Landhouse Karpata


The oven was used to burn lime.
Wild donkeys still abound. The produce was shipped to Curaçao and other islands from Karpata in sailing ships owned by the plantation. There was a customs house by the old main road.


Landhouse Karpata


Landhouse Karpata


In 1980 Landhuis Karpata was restored with Dutch funds. It was opened by Queen Beatrix as an ecological center. The sea in front is a marine reserve. The road to Brasil runs on top of a natural dyke of coral rubble deposit, or "Kralendijk".


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