The bananaquit (Coereba flaveola) or Chibichibi is a very common bird on Bonaire. The bananaquit or sugar thief is named as it loves anything sweet. This bird is about 4 inches in size and has a yellow chest, black wings and white eyebrow. These birds are relativly tame round human settlements and love to eat fruit, syrup and lemonade. Bananaquits can be found near restaurants and hotels to steal anything they like from tourists, hence the name 'sugar thief'. So watch your breakfast carefully. They also love to eat flower nectar and small insects.


Bananaquit or Chibichibi (Photo: Frank Bierings)

The bananaquit is common mainly in South America. The birds are most commonly found at low elevations and rarely in the high mountainous forests. The bananaquit will raise several broods within a year and broods may contain from one to three eggs. Its song is characterized as "insect-like" and shrill.

With their large beak they are often compared to hummingbirds as they take flower nectar as its primary source of food. But they can not hover like a hummingbird. The bananaquit had its place on a 100 Guilder bill before Bonaire switched to the US Dollar..

  Bananaquit or Chibichibi (Photo: Frank Bierings)

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