Yellow-shouldered Parrot

This Yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot (Amazona barbadensis rothchildi) or 'Lora' is a famous bird on Bonaire. The colors, green and yellow, are unique and found on Bonaire only. Yellow-shouldered Parrot are usually in trees to stay out of the sun. Parakeets are related to parrots and they are present at Bonaire.

Yellow-shouldered parrot or Amazona barbadensis rothchildi     They considered these parrots to be a pest, especially during dry seasons when they visited the plantations and devoured the mangos, papayas and other fruits. In later years, their natural habitat has diminished, and their population reduced by capture and selling of nestling - although this is prohibited by law. 
fauna lora3 thumb       Biologists try to promote the growth of the trees and shrubs that are important to the loras. They are making good progress. They are cooperating with the Washington / Slagbaai National Park management to prevent extinction of the Bonairean Parrot. 

In 2009 volunteers of Fundashon Salba Nos Lora, STINAPA and Afdeling Milieu- en natuurbeleid van de Dienst Ruimtelijke Ordening counted at least 475 loras on the island.

The Lora looks like the Brown-throated parakeet (Aratinga pertinax xanthogenius) or Prikichi, but is smaller in size, has a longer tail and its head is completely yellow.

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